Content is about more than just hitting keywords

It's about delivering value to search engines AND visitors

SEO is a term that gets used, and misused, a lot. There are some things that can be done to drive your ranking in search engines that are not genuine, not authentic, and technically not even permitted by Google and Bing. We don't do these! Sure, you might get away with some black-hat tactics for a while but it's a short term benefit. Plus, these shady approaches don't actually add value to visitors who click on a link once they land on your website and isn't the point of getting someone to visit your site to get them to actually signup, buy, or request something?

Enter CONTENT. Writing great content is hard. It has to be aligned with your brand and properly positioned; it has to include relevant keywords but in a thoughtful way; it has to be presented in what we call a 'scanable' way. As it turns out Google and Bing rank websites based on content that is:

  • Unique
  • Relevant
  • Fresh
  • Linked to
It's been said that 'a link is worth a thousand words.' Meaning that content on the page is important for SEO but you want people linking to your site and not just your homepage but to specific pages on your site. Give people a reason to link to you by providing content that is unique, relevant and fresh - funny how that works.

BUT... writing content is still hard! Never fear, we've developed a content strategy for a series of industries that makes the search engines happy but more important provides your visitors with content they actually want to read and moves them toward a purchase decision. But wait, we actually write all of the content for you. Not just when we setup your site but we continue writing new and fresh content based on your customer interactions and industry news so that your site always has something new to attract and engage visitors.

What is 'Scanable' content?

Scanable content is content that people can skim and understand without fully reading. People are busy, the internet is noisy, and attention spans are short. Creating content that is scanable and supported by graphics creates a more enjoyable experiences for visitors and encourages them to slow down and read through more carefully.

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