Your customers buy products and services from other local businesses

Wouldn't it be great if the marketing efforts of others benefited you and vice versa?

This might sound crazy but it happens everyday in thousands of communities and millions of businesses around the US. You find it most on Main Street where merchants put fliers in each other's windows; or at a coffee shop or cafe with a community bulletin board where people leave their business card. Sound familiar?

So, how do you do something like this online?

Originally businesses did link exchanges and while placing a link on one website in exchange for you putting their link on yours isn't terrible it's not great either. We take it farther by coordinating the content efforts of businesses such that when we create content for you we're mindful of other businesses in your Locable Business Group. When it makes sense to reference them, something they've done or even an offer they're running we do it - automatically.

This ongoing, contextual, cross linking is something we call Customer Sharing. Customer Sharing tells Google, Bing and other search engines that your business are related. Because they're in the same region it tells them you're locally relevant and because the links are in content they're more valued. But lets be honest, as a small business you don't care much for traffic you care about driving revenue. Customer Sharing helps customers see that you're a part of a local cooperative when they're on your site and gives you exposure to new customers when we reference you on other sites. It's a classic win-win and we do it automatically for our customers.

Customer Sharing via a Locable Business Group

What role does the affiliate play? Affiliates are local community content websites and act as the hub of Locable Business Groups in their community and are in a growing number of markets nationwide. Affiliates serve as a vetting agent to ensure the small businesses we work with are trustworthy and customer-centric, they also serve as a magnet for traffic and search engine localization; finally they're a terrific exposure opportunity via their Business Directory and by syndicating appropriate content for display on their website. All syndicated content is fully credited to you with at least one link back to your site to enhance your online reputation and build your search engine relevance.

Customer Sharing in the real-world

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