Looking to make your publication, your business, the center of your advertisers marketing universe?

Locable.biz is a service for small businesses but when coupled with a Locable.com affiliate something magical happens

Locable Business Groups create a collaborative environment for small businesses based on principles rooted in the real world. Namely the fact that most businesses share the same customer base and effectively working together to reach that customer is more effective than going it alone. In most situations we prefer to launch our Locable.biz service in communities where we have a Locable.com affiliate, that is a local community content website, which allows us to further our content strategy and add more value to all involved.

Locable Business Groups are great for publishers

So, what does this mean to publishers?

As a publisher, not only do you stand to benefit from becoming a Locable.com Affiliate because of the content strategy, monetization strategy, and execution that we bring to the table but you also become a hub for the Locable Business Group. In effect, the content strategy that we employ for each small business we work with incorporates and gets extended to your online brand. Moreover, you can offer the Locable.biz service to your advertisers as a value-add and, because we require referrals* to ensure we're only working with reputable local businesses that place a high priority on ethics, this referral is valuable - to you and your advertisers. 

*Locable.biz will, on occasion, work with small businesses who go through our paid application process which includes reference check however we prefer businesses that have been referred into the program.

Want to add Locable.biz to your Media Kit?

Below is a link to download a one-page PDF of the Locable.biz value proposition at 300dpi. Please feel free to include this in your media kit however do let us know if you've done this so that we know to expect a few calls.

Locable.biz Publisher One-Sheet 060411 Locable.biz Publisher One-Sheet 060411 (2510 KB)