About Locable

A true partner dedicated to building community

We understand Small Businesses just like yours and want to help. 

At Locable.biz our goal is to work with leading businesses in the community to elevate your web presence and bring it into alignment with the rest of your business - to reflect your business - and help local businesses thrive amidst an ever evolving world. Communities thrive when local businesses thrive, when people have a way to come together and connect about the things that are most important to them, and when the important things in life are prioritized over the tools meant to enable them.

We have a nationwide network of community magazines in neighborhoods like yours. 

We are community builders. We are tech guys and gals but also businessmen and women who understand that the internet is a tool and that tools are meant for specific jobs. Through Locable.com and our local partners we're building local community destinations to help communities come together around local human-interest stories, local events and activities, and local businesses like yours. 

We're building a nationwide network of local community websites and working with businesses around the country to improve how they communicate online, in print, via direct mail and more and we do it in a simple, pragmatic, yet sophisticated way. We don't have all of the answers but we're great at asking the right questions and can bring what we've learned about building community, traffic, and revenue to bear for your business.

Locable.biz along with Locable.com and the Community Magazine Network are all part of Hyper Local Media.

Locable.com and Locable.bizThe Community Magazine Network at MagazineConnect.comHyper Local Media - Building Community Through Conversation

You get more than turnkey, you get a managed:

  • A brand new, SEO optimized website that clearly and concisely communicates your business
  • A content strategy which we share with you so you fully understand the approach
  • Fresh content regularly (frequency based on service level)
  • Participation in you local chapter of the Locable Business Group
  • Full access to add or edit content whenever you need it through our simple web editor
  • Corporate e-mail configuration (if needed) via our service or Google
  • Premium Business Directory Listing with your local Locable.com affiliate website (if applicable) which we'll manage for you.

Why you’ll love us:

  • We're community builders
  • We love technology but as a tool, not for it's own sake
  • We educate you and allow you to be involved as much or as little as you'd like
  • We leverage what we're doing with our Locable.com affiliates in your community to build your credibility and exposure
  • We only work with quality local businesses that put integrity first
  • We're in the service business and that's what you'll get from us - quality service

Contact us to learn more and get started!