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Quality service just isn't enough

Brian Ostrovsky - Friday, June 24, 2011
Service failure at its best

Are you or your employees hanging this sign around your business's neck? My family and I were visiting my in-laws recently and had an experience that would make any small business owner wake up in a cold sweat. You see they were having sod installed and the workers broke nearly every cardinal sin a company that provides home services could break.

Where to start? Well, we took our dogs with us to their house and fortunately there is a small dog run that we can put them in while we're there if a gate is going to be open to keep them from wondering off. Well, the workers let our dogs out and one of our beagle's ended up getting picked up by a passerby walking down a very dangerous road.

Next, my father-in-law told them to help themselves to a drink or two from an outside fridge. It was a warm day and they were doing manual labor so this was a nice gesture. The 5 guys managed to work through 3 or 4 Redbulls, about a dozen sodas and nearly as many MGDs... that's right, they didn't let being on the clock at the customers house stop them from having a cold-one.  Even beyond the alcohol consumption, there's a difference between accepting a gracious offer and abuse it... you need to make sure your employees know the difference.

Finally, we get to the actual work product. The sprinkler that they fixed when laying the sod and which caused my father-in-law to dig up the new flagstone walkway he laid just the night before still failed to work because of a clearly careless repair effort.

Mistakes happen and customers understand that but as a business owner you need to take responsibility for your employees behavior, as it applies to the work at hand and in their general interaction with customers. In this electronic era most people won't be as gracious as to omit the service providers name as I have been... you'd be wise to ensure you set ground-rules for your customer-facing employees.

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