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Understanding search engines

- Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Have you seen ads or had someone call you promising they can get you to the top of the Search Engines with a few simple clicks and a wave of their hand? Chances are if it sounds to good to be true, it is. My friend and I were having a conversation over dinner about this a few nights ago. He owns a small business and runs his own website. He was complaining about how quickly (did I mention expensive?) these self proclaimed Search Engine gurus tried to sell him on their service before they spent time explaining to him what they were actually doing to improve his site. He had heard that while this worked for some businesses, it was only a quick fix, because the exposure eventually dwindled and besides, it ultimately failed to drive in any real customers. 

Naturally he asked me what I thought and I told him he was on the right track. I explained to him that there was a huge difference between paying someone to trick a search engine into thinking you're a reputable site and actually building a reputable site that search engines openly recognize. This is because search engine optimization isn't just about moving up on a Google search; it's about showing Google that your business is a locally trusted brand that deserves to be on top. I could tell my friend understood what I meant but thought that I was making it sound too easy. 

The truth is pleasing search engines isn't all that complicated, especially when you're already a locally trusted brand that maybe just needs a little more know how and help online. The big misconception here is that search engine optimization is some complex process that goes on in a back room behind a closed curtain, it's not that at all. Just keeping your website simple, relevant, and easy to use will help your popularity and improve your online presence. And if you don't understand something or need some advice, it never hurts to ask, the right people are always willing to help.

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